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chiropractic(6) coaching(4) crystal healing(1) electrotherapy(0)
energy healing(3) folk medicine(0) herbs(3) holistic health(3)
hypnotherapy(7) massage(13) naturopathy(4) reflexology(0)
reiki(1) sekhem(0)

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1. My Herbal Cleansing
Includes informative articles to help you discover the benefits of herbal cleansing or detoxifying through herbs or other natural means in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle....
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2. The Juicy Woman
With these powerful EFT-based programs you can win the battle against cravings change the shape of your bod...
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3. NordicHealing - Torger Heldal Hoel
Distance healing energies will help you to reduce stress and create wellness balance and harmony in your life. The website also contains articles about meditation chakras and tools for sel...
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4. London Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy in London for stop smoking in one session weight loss with hypnosis hypnosis for phobias hypnosis for stress management hypnotherapy for IBS and mor...
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5. Colon Cleanse Information and Advice
Source for information advice and resources related to the health benefits of colon cleansing...
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6. Wellness Spa on 5th. Avenue
Be proactive about your health in Denver CO. Services include different detoxification and cleansing methods. Helpful for...
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7. Margies Therapeutic Touch
Lypossage utilizes a blend of massage modalities including deep lymphatic drainage and deep tissue release which work to reduce cellulite and the lumps and bulges that cause figure...
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8. Massage Therapy
Topics on massage therapy including massage therapy schools stress relief bodywork practices such as reflexology and acupressure. You will also find tips on relaxation and p...
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9. Bill s Self Help Tips
Self help tips plus a layman s guide to altern...
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10. Vitalis Life Coaching
A life and executive coaching service based in Ealing London. Karin Peeters the founder of Vitalis Coaching is an experienced life coach and an N...
[ ]

11. NLG Healing. Natural Health and Healing Remedies
Natural Health and Healing Products and information. 100% natural Remedies. Healing Balms and Colloidal Silver for Skincare and Healthcare....
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12. Psyche s Garden
Crystal Specialist offering over 375 different crystals and minerals jewellery tumblestones and raw samples. Also offers aromatherapy products incense and a...
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13. Acupuncture Joachim Fouret
The clinic is located in the center of Barcelona. Acupuncture treats infertility IVF (in vitro) pain relief stress and digestive disorders among many others. Call for a free consultation...
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14. Kimura Shiatsu Institute
Shiatsu is a wonderful healing art in Japan. Offering an effective Shiatsu treatment and a useful Shiatsu courses to get a more healt...
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15. Denver Chiropractic
Information about Dr. Randy Eldridge and his chiropractic services...
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